Maggie + Holden // Monona, WI

What can I say about Maggie and Holden that will really help you understand the type of people they are? There really aren’t words but, I will try my best.

The second you walk into a room, you are greeted by Maggie, who is so incredibly and naturally beautiful you are just shocked. She is unconditionally warm and sweet and dresses like something out of “The Devil wears Prada.

Holden is about as relaxed as they come and will laugh at your jokes even if they are bad. I had shot with them last summer and immediately fell in love with them as a couple. They were all set to elope in Sedona, AZ this Spring–that is until we were totally side swiped by a worldwide pandemic. They were so disappointed. Maggie reached out to me and told me she was going to be surprising Holden with a backyard picnic. She asked if I would be interested in photographing this special time for them. I of course said YES!!

Here are some beautiful highlights from their backyard picnic!

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